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We share information and resources from around the web and scientific community (ubuntu) to help readers attain fitness, thus we are Ubuntu Fitness. 

Cooking for the week: Goat Bone Broth and Veggies

Cooking for the week: Goat Bone Broth and Veggies

Bone broth. Goat bone broth. Mmm....

Bone broth. Goat bone broth. Mmm....

By Sofia

Slow cookers are a feature of Ubuntu Fitness cooking methods, especially in the winter. Coming home to a bone-warming, soul-satisfying meal without having to stress about whatโ€™s for dinner makes meal planning easy. With school, work and training in the gym we're short on time, so we often just chop up random veggies, add beans and rice, spices and set to cook. We gleefully christen these meals "slop", but hey we're getting in protein and veggies! :D

Even in warm weather we cook overnight and let cool in the fridge so we have a gazpacho-like meal to cool off with.

While slow cookers are certainly useful, some people have concerns about heavy metals like lead and cadmium leaching into food from the porcelain. We haven't found any credible research to confirm this, however researcher Stephan Guyenet has written some reviews on a pressure cooker alternative, for those who are concerned. 

This recipe incorporates bone broth which has become all the rage in the elite foodie world, but we just bought it on a whim at the farmerโ€™s market because it was affordable and nutritious!  According to Michigan State University, goat meat is a lower fat animal protein. 


  • ~2lbs goat meat soup bones (grass fed if possible, so as to limit consumption of environmental toxins animals store in their body fat)

  • 1 whole broccoli crown + stalk, chopped

  • 1 yellow summer squash, chopped

  • 1 zucchini, chopped

  • 4-5 radishes, sliced

  • 1/2 cup white rice

Recipe, makes about 5 mason jars of meals at 14oz per jar

  1. Add soup bones and veggies to crock pot

  2. Add rice last (or else it will stick to bottom of slow cooker). We also added Muchi Curry and Mexican Seasoning Blend at this step, pictured above, right.

  3. We let this baby cook overnight, about 7-8 hours

Nutrition Facts (1 mason jar):

329 calories, 13.8g carbs, 6.2g fat, 53.2g protein, 3.4g fiber

*Note: It's difficult to calculate nutrition information for goat meat because we bought it with the bone and it's not a very common protein source in the U.S.

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