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We share information and resources from around the web and scientific community (ubuntu) to help readers attain fitness, thus we are Ubuntu Fitness. 

Cooking for the week: Protein Breakfast Smoothies


By Sofia

We’re weekend warriors when it comes to cooking - we typically spend our Sunday evenings chopping, stirring, blending and sautéing close to a whole week’s worth of breakfast and lunch. Cooking for the week saves money, saves time for other activities during the week, and makes it easier to stick to a meal plan, especially when dieting. "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail (your diet)", as they say! I may have added in that part about the diet heh ;) but it still holds true, no? 

This recipe, devised to help Sofia cut some body fat this spring, is quick and easy, and provides a low calorie breakfast.. Beetroot derived nitrates are the star of these smoothies! Beets are a nitrate-rich vegetable and there are plenty of scientific studies showing nitrates help dilate vessels for healthy blood flow. 





  • 4 cups strawberries
  • ~100g of whey protein powder (5 scoops at ~20g per scoop)
  • 5 cups plain lowfat yogurt (whole fat may be used but here it's lowfat since Sofia is cutting calories)
  • 5 medium sized beets

Recipe, makes 5 smoothies at 14oz per smoothie

  1. Slice and boil beets about 10-15 minutes until soft when poked (this makes them easier to blend).
  2. Let the beets chill.
  3. Add 1 cup of strawberries, 1 cup yogurt, 1 scoop whey, and 1/2 cup of beet slices to blender
  4. Blend. 

*Note: There might be extra leftover with aeration from the blender

Nutrition facts (for 1 smoothie): 368 calories, 44g carb, 4g fat, 40g protein, 7g fiber

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