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Banana Mocha Protein Smoothie

Shout out to KnockBox. You are missed dear friend :/ (see backstory)

Shout out to KnockBox. You are missed dear friend :/ (see backstory)

Intermittent fasting became all the rage a few years ago and opportunistic folks figured all types of ways to capitalize on the fad with such offerings as Bulletproof® coffee, black coffee with butter - which can provide north of 300-400 calories. I always found it a little paradoxical to say that someone is fasting but they are drinking several hundred calories. Nonetheless l digress and will get to the recipe!

While I won’t hype this great morning elixir as a form of intermittent fasting it does provide a light breakfast and plenty of oomph to get your day started. I find this shake to be convenient for early mornings because it can be prepared the night before.

1 overripe banana
1-2 scoops of protein* 
16 oz. of chilled coffee
4 oz. almond unsweetened vanilla milk

  1. Prepare the coffee the day before or at least long enough to let it chill in the fridge (to avoid putting hot liquid in plastic and exposing the drink to BPA and other endocrine disruptors). We usually roast our own green coffee beans, grind them and brew the coffee all in one go. 
  2. After the coffee is chilled just pour in the blender, add the other ingredients, and blend. 

Makes 2 servings, volume varies depending on how long you blend it and how long you wait to drink it after blending (blending aerates the the drink adding substantial temporary volume).

Nutrition facts:per serving:

187 Calories, 16 g Carbs, 25 g Protein, 2.5 g Fat 

*We use a custom blend of protein from We generally get 100% grass fed whey protein or a mix that includes grass fed whey and regular whey concentrate to bring down the price a bit. We generally just stick with pure whey (no flavor, no sweetener) as it is the most versatile. 

Alternatives to this recipe might include using a different proteins (e.g. egg white isolate) if you want to follow a strict "paleo" type of diet or omitting the banana for a low carb rendition. For added sweetness or if you decide to omit the banana the possibilities are quite varied, one could buy different flavors of protein and/or milk.