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Fitness Farm Progress Update!

By Sofia

It's near the end of July and we're well into gardening season here in the Midwest. After sprouting seedlings, adding various soil amendments and regular watering, we've gotten to enjoy plenty  of greens including kale, lettuce, beet greens and arugula. 

Ubuntu Fitness has two gardens - one we keep with Austin's family in Indiana and our community plot at an urban garden in Chicago. At the garden in Indiana, we experimented with "lasagna gardening" for the first time, which has turned out great to keep weeds back since we practice organic gardening and we're only able to care for it when we make an occasional visit. At the Chicago garden, we used cocoa shells mulch to keep back weeds and it's performance has surpassed our expectations!

Check out the gallery to see how we used "lasagna" gardening, the cocoa shells and our results so far!