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Treat your health like Black Friday

By Austin

The day after Thanksgiving I gave my mom a call. “And what she said!?” She told me a couple of stories about a few members of the family leaving the Thanksgiving family party early so they could go shopping for deals on Thanksgiving day. Another cousin of mine stayed out until 3 am shopping. In previous years, before some retailers started opening on Thanksgiving, I had friends and family members wake up at wee hours in the morning to go Black Friday shopping. The conversation with my mom was timely. That night I saw the following meme online….


This meme is just too true people. And I know this doesn’t just apply to my family and friends. According to USA Today, retailers were hoping to smash four-day weekend sales this year. People will sacrifice time with friends and family during the holiday, and sacrifice sleep to go shopping for a few deals. They will wake up early to go make some money at work. But they will not make time to exercise 30 minutes a day!?  If you’re reading Ubuntu Fitness, I am probably preaching to the choir but if you are not an avid exerciser, take this to heart! Or share with a family member who needs it. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates that over 50% of the weight gained in our country occurs during the Thanksgiving to New Year holiday season (1). Furthermore, obese individuals are more likely to gain significant amounts of weight (≥ 5 lbs) within this time frame. Keep that in mind this year. Enjoy your holiday meals, but don’t let it become a whole month of overindulgence. Be sure to make time for exercise whether it’s at the gym or simple home exercises. Treat your health like it’s Black Friday. Make time for it. 

1. Yanovski JA, Yanovski SZ, Sovik KN, Nguyen TT, O'Neil PM, and Sebring NG. A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain. The New England journal of medicine 342: 861-867, 2000.