Ubuntu is a term with origins in the southern nation states of Africa.

Roughly translating to "human kindness" or "human-ness", it's often used to espouse a belief in a universal bond - essentially no living creature can persist in a state of total isolation or sovereignty. 

Health is the state of being free from illness or injury. Fitness is the condition being physically fit and healthy.  Most of us don’t just want to be healthy but also physically fit, vibrant, strong, happy, and live with purpose. 

We believe that "ubuntu" and "fitness" go hand in hand in that many practices that support attaining fitness also benefit the environment at large from the foods we choose to eat,  who we interact with, how we commute to work and how we spend our free time. 

We want to offer information and resources from around the web and scientific community (ubuntu) to help readers attain fitness, thus we created Ubuntu Fitness.