Austin  Robinson PhD, CSCS

I have been interested in fitness and sports performance ever since I was a boy, obsessed with sports and action movies. I became interested in nutrition when I was in high school because despite playing sports, I was fat and developed high blood pressure. 

At age 17, I realized I wanted to take control of my weight and blood pressure. Ever since I have been dedicated to learning and applying as much as I can to being healthy and physically fit. I have been medication free since I was 21, I hit the gym or exercise almost everyday, and I still manage to enjoy real food by frequenting the farmer's markets, trying to grow as much of my own food as I can, and cooking just about all of my own meals.

I earned my PhD at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Rehabilitation Sciences. I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Delaware where I investigate the effects of physical activity and diet on cardiovascular physiology in a pretty awesome lab

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Sofia and I started Ubuntu Fitness to share our passion for healthy living. There are seldom absolute truths when it comes to nutrition and fitness, but we do our best to find accurate and helpful information that we (and you!) can apply to our lifestyles. We hope you enjoy! 

P.S. The thoughts expressed here do not reflect my employer or colleagues. I am not a medical doctor (M.D.) and the information on our website is not to be taken as medical advice.